Clean Car Kit

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Discover the ultimate solution for maintaining your car's pristine condition with the Wipe New Car Kit. This all-in-one kit is designed to provide unparalleled ease and effectiveness in car care, combining three innovative products: Wipe New Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Repellent, Wipe New Waterless Speed Wash, and Wipe New Ceramic Boost Hybrid Sealant. Each product in this kit embodies cutting-edge technology and superior performance, ensuring your vehicle looks its best with minimal effort.


Included in the Wipe New Car Kit:


Wipe New Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Repellent 22oz:

Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and smudges on your car windows and mirrors. Wipe New Ceramic Glass Cleaner & Repellent offers a powerful 2-in-1 formula that not only cleans but also protects your glass surfaces.


Wipe New Waterless Speed Wash 22oz:

No more hassle of traditional car washes with Wipe New Waterless Speed Wash. This innovative product brings a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to car care, letting you clean and shine your vehicle without the need for a hose and bucket. Perfect for those who live in water-restricted areas or simply want a quicker, more convenient way to keep their car looking fresh.


Wipe New Ceramic Boost Hybrid Sealant 22oz:

Supercharge your vehicle's appearance with Wipe New Ceramic Boost Hybrid Sealant! This innovative formula is designed to provide a premium shine, enhanced durability, and long-lasting protection, making your car look its best.


Elevate your car care game with the Wipe New Car Kit and enjoy the road ahead with confidence and style. Experience the difference today and see why Wipe New is the trusted choice for car enthusiasts everywhere.

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Was: $35.97
Now: $32.37
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Clean Car Kit
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