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Wipe New Trim Restore Kit restores the appearance of weathered, faded trim to like new condition. This easy and effective application process brings back original color and shine while ceramic protection helps prevent future fading and oxidation.  
· Easy to use – kit includes everything needed to restore the appearance of your trim 
· Dries to the touch - no greasy residue that attracts dirt and dust 
· Long lasting - a single application protects for up to two years
· No mess - easy to use wipes means no more messy liquids that can be difficult to use - just open the pouch, remove the ready-to-use wipe and apply
Kit includes: 
    · Three pre-saturated Wipe New Wipe-Its 
    · Three BONUS Paint Prep Wipes 
    · Gloves and step-by-step directions  

Wipe New only ships within the continental United States. We do not offer shipping outside of the United States or to the U.S. Territories.

WARNING:  Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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Wipe New Trim Restore Kit restores and renews the look of weathered, faded trim while ceramic protection helps prevent future fading and oxidation. This easy-to-use kit includes everything needed to treat the total interior or exterior of one mid-sized sedan and is ideal for use on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and more. A single application provides long-lasting protection for up to 2 years - Guaranteed!* 


*Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are dissatisfied with this product contact our Product Support Help Center for product replacement or full refund of the purchase price. Refer to the product number and batch code.

IMPORTANT - Before you start, test Wipe New® on an inconspicuous spot to ensure the result is desirable as it will vary by material and surface damage. 


1. Tear open pre-saturated Prep Wipe (Do not open pouch with your teeth) and clean surface prior to product application. Clean thoroughly to ensure residue from any pre-existing restorative products are completely removed. If the surface is heavily soiled, wash the surface to be treated with car wash (free of wax, moisturizers or other additives) before using the Prep Wipe. Rinse and dry thoroughly. IMPORTANT: Ensure that no water remains on or around the surface to be treated. Dry thoroughly with a towel and let the surface air dry for at least 15 minutes. Open trunk and car doors and dry any excess water.  Any water left on the surface will cause streaking to occur.

2. Tear open pre-saturated Wipe New Wipe-It®. Do not open pouch with your teeth.


3. Apply in a single wipe to the intended surface with little or no overlap until the surface is completely coated.


4. Discard the applicator cloth when the application is finished or if it begins to dry during application.
NOTE: For badly faded and/or extremely porous surfaces, a second coat may be required for optimal results. If applicable, allow the first coat to dry for a minimum of 5, up to a maximum of 10 minutes, then immediately repeat steps 3 through 5.


Silicon Polymers
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
Polyether Modified Polysiloxane




Durablilty and Shine
Flow Additive 

Is Wipe New® silicone based? 
Wipe New® is not silicone based. It is a colorless nano-polymer that can be used on any color surface. Wipe New® adheres to the surface to protect it against harsh elements like sun rays, rain, snow, salt, de­tergents, etc.  After proper treatment and curing with Wipe New®, dust will not easily adhere to the surface and will be very easy to wash off when it does. Make sure to thoroughly follow the instruc­tions during application for optimal results.
Is it ok to apply Wipe New® in direct sunlight and/or to hot surfaces? Will being out in the sun speed up the drying process? 
For best results, apply Wipe New® to a cool surface in a garage, carport or other shaded, well ventilated area. A hot surface or direct sunlight will speed drying too much and cause the surface to appear streaked. A second coat of Wipe New® will not resolve this issue.
What if I start applying and have to stop? Can I start again later? Will the results match?
Once you start applying Wipe New® to a surface, we recommend that you complete that entire surface before stopping (for example, if you start treating a bumper, finish the entire bumper before stop­ping). Stopping and starting again later on the same surface may lead to a visible difference in the final result due to variations in humidity, light, temperature, and other factors. If you must stop and start again later, try to stop at an inconspicuous spot on the surface.
How long does it take for Wipe New® to dry? What happens if the treated surface gets wet before it dries completely (i.e. morning dew, rain)? 
We recommend that you allow 1 hour of drying time before touch­ing the surface and a full 24 hours after applying Wipe New® before exposure to moisture of any kind. If the surface gets wet before Wipe New® cures, you may see streaking or spotting in the finish. A second coat of Wipe New® will not resolve this issue. For best results, we rec­ommend keeping the vehicle garaged for 24 hours after application.  

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