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The Wipe New line is a new class of products that outperform traditional brands, and Wipe New Wheels is no exception! Wipe New Wheels is the only consumer product to provide lasting & powerful protection against road salt, brake dust, grime and corrosion. Wipe New Wheels’ nano-polymer formula gives the consumer unprecedented results and durability; it restores original luster, makes cleaning easier, and protects from harsh elements in just one wipe, and one application. Innovative Wipe-it technology makes application fast& easy. For customer testimonials search: #wipenew

Shiny tires and dull rims just won’t do. Complete the look with Wipe New® Wheels! Wipe New® Wheels restores your wheels to a showroom-new shine. You’ve taken care of your tires, but what about your wheels? Wipe New® Wheels is the perfect complement to Wipe New® Tires. Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use Wipe-It® – a perfectly pre-saturated cloth infused with Wipe New® – just one application will restore luster and protect your wheels for years of easy cleaning!

  • Proud Winner of 2 SEMA Global Media Awards
  • Innovative Wipe-On formula is easy to apply
  • Lasting protection – One Application Lasts for Years
  • Saves you both time and money

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend wearing the included gloves and using eye protection when applying Wipe New® because once dry it can be difficult to remove from your skin, and may irritate skin upon contact. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, hold eye open and thoroughly flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

We do not recommend applying a second coat of Wipe New.® Once Wipe New® cures, a second coat will not adhere well to the first coat of Wipe New,® and therefore may be subject to peeling or flaking. One coat is all that is needed to protect your wheels from environmental degradation.

For best results, apply Wipe New® to a cool surface in a garage, carport or other shaded, well-ventilated area. While the sun does speed up the drying process, a hot surface or direct sun can speed drying too much and cause the surface to appear streaked. A second coat of Wipe New® will not resolve this issue.

We recommend that you allow 1 hour of drying time before touching the surface and a full 24 hours after applying Wipe New® before exposure to moisture of any kind. If the surface gets wet before Wipe New® cures, you may see streaking or spotting in the finish. A second coat of Wipe New® will not resolve this issue. For best results, we recommend keeping the vehicle garaged for 24 hours after application. Another option is to cover it with a car cover (wait at least 1 hour after applying Wipe New® before covering). Plastic disposable car covers may be available for purchase for a nominal fee from your local auto parts store. If neither option is feasible, consider applying Wipe New® in the morning after the dew has cleared so that you will have nearly a full day of drying time before the dew appears again.

Wipe New® contains no dyes, however, it does harden as it dries and may damage your clothing.

it is guaranteed to last 2 years.

Streaking may occur if 1) prior to beginning the surface has not been thoroughly prepped (clean free of greases/oils and dust particles), 2) the cloth begins to dry during application, 3) the treated surface is exposed to moisture during or within 24 hours of application and/or 4) Wipe New® was applied to a hot surface and/or in direct sunlight, causing it to cure faster and unevenly.

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Wipe New® Wheels - Instructions

One Wipe-It™ contains enough Wipe New® to treat two wheels. Before opening the Wipe-It™ packet, prep all wheels intended for coating so that you can complete your Wipe New® application within a few minutes after opening the packet. Once the packet is opened, the Wipe-It™ begins to dry. Do NOT open the Wipe-It™ until you are ready to use it.

When applying Wipe New,® wear the protective nitrile gloves and always use it in a well ventilated area. Failure to wear protective gloves may result in injury.

If Wipe New® begins to dry on the applicator cloth, streaking may occur. Once the applicator cloth dries out completely, it cannot be reused and must be discarded (see step 4 for disposal instructions).

Let Wipe New® dry for 1 hour in a dry, well-ventilated area before touching the treated surface.
Contact with any type of moisture during or within 24 hours of application will result in streaking or spotting. Allow treated surface to cure for 24 hours before exposure to moisture (rain, dew, sprinklers, etc.).

Do not apply Wipe New® to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight as this may cause the surface to appear streaked. Ensure wheels are clean, dry, and cool to the touch before applying Wipe New.®

If Wipe New® comes in contact with an unintended surface such as paint, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth. After Wipe New® has cured, removing it will require the use of a fine polishing compound or high grit automotive sandpaper.
Store unopened Wipe New® packet in a cool dry place and discard within one year of purchase.

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1) Affix spray nozzle to the Wipe New® Wheel Cleaner bottle. Liberally spray the wheels with the wheel cleaner.

2) Use the included wheel cleaning brush to scrub the wheel. Rinse thoroughly and dry with the included microfiber towel. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as necessary until the wheel is thoroughly clean.

Ensure all wheels are clean, dry, and cool to the touch before applying Wipe New.®

3) Put on the chemical-resistant gloves, ensure that you are in a well ventilated area and that the wheels are completely dry. Tear open the Wipe-It™ packet, remove the applicator cloth and carefully wipe the wheel ONE TIME. Dab the included detail swab brush into the applicator cloth and use it to apply Wipe New® into lug nut holes and other tight areas. Tip: start from the tire valve stem to mark your position and work your way around the wheel until you come back to the tire valve stem.

Each Wipe-It™ contains enough Wipe New® to coat two wheels. After coating two wheels, open the second Wipe-It™ and repeat the application on the other two. Ensure that the wheels are clean, dry, and cool to the touch. Avoid application in direct sunlight.

4) When finished, set the applicator cloths in a location out of reach of children and away from ignition sources; allow cloths to dry completely (a few hours) before discarding.

The wheels will dry to the touch in about 1 hour and be cured completely after 24 hours. Do not allow treated wheels to come in contact with direct moisture (rain, dew, puddles, etc.) for 24 hours.

View PDF Version of instructions.