Rainbrella Rain Repellent for Windshields

Wipe On, Wipe Off. It's That Easy!™


RainBrella® by Wipe New® is an umbrella for your windshield. This long lasting treatment repels nature’s worst elements, water, mud, dirt and more, from exterior glass surfaces. The crystal clear, haze-free formula will increase visibility and safety when driving in the poorest weather conditions. The innovative, wipe on technology makes for a quick and easy application.
Wipe New RainBrella® is great for use on additional automotive glass surfaces such as side mirrors, side windows and rear windows.

RainBrella® drastically improves driving visibility during poor weather conditions – repels:

  • rain
  • mud
  • dirt
  • and more!


  • Repels rain, mud and dirt
  • Improves visibility while driving in poor weather conditions
  • Crystal clear, haze-free formula
  • Easy-to-use, wipe on application

Wipe New RainBrella® - Instructions


  • One Wipe-It™ contains enough RainBrella® to treat the front windshield with two coats. It is recommended to apply two coats of RainBrella® for best results.
  • Wipe New® RainBrella® is designed specifically for exterior glass. It is not recommended for use on plastic or polycarbonate substrates.
  • IMPORTANT: If a slight haze or shine still remains after removing the second coat, use a damp, clean cloth or paper towel to aid in the removal of any remnants.
  • When applying RainBrella®, wear the included protective gloves and use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wipe New® RainBrella® is great for use on additional automotive glass surfaces such as: side mirrors, side windows and rear windows.

View PDF Version of instructions.

  • Read all instructions before application. Use when temperature is between 50°F and 90°F. Prior to applying, clean the glass surface with a glass cleaner to remove any contaminants. Follow the
  • cleaner instructions for best results.
  • Wearing the included gloves, tear open the RainBrella® Wipe-It™. Note that the Wipe-It™ packet will be heavily saturated. Do NOT wring out.
  • In a circular motion, buff the Wipe-It™ onto the windshield until the entire windshield has been covered. Once the windshield is completely covered, let the treatment sit on the surface for 5 minutes.
  • After the treatment has dried for 5 minutes, the windshield will appear lightly hazed.
  • Next, in a circular motion, buff off the treatment using the included dry microfiber buffing cloth. Wait 10 minutes before applying the recommended second coat.
  • Apply a second coat of RainBrella® with the existing, pre-saturated cloth using the same technique. During the application, it is recommended to re-fold the Wipe-It™ to keep the outermost cloth saturated. Repeat the buffing process. The microfiber buffing cloth can be used for removing both coats of RainBrella®.

View PDF Version of instructions.