Winter Car Cleaning Tips, the Wipe New Way!

Winter Car Cleaning Tips, the Wipe New Way

So you live in a city, state, and town where you actually have four seasons a year, as opposed to the Southwestern United States having two seasons (which are green and brown, depending on the color of the grass).

It gets cold. It snows. It gets even colder.  And then there’s the occasional blizzard. And the sub-zero temperature. You think that Winter in the Southwest might sound really good, but you’re here… with the cold, and the snow, and the slush, the black ice, the freezing rain. It sounds like paradise, right?  Well, almost paradise.

No matter where your car is parked for the winter, it needs just as much TLC as it does during the warmer months.  Here are some winter car cleaning tips to get you and your car through those cold Winter months:

Tip #1:  At the first sign of cold weather, give your car a good washing and then a good waxing. This will help protect the exterior from the ravages of the ice and the snow.

Tip #2:    Protect your car from the harsh weather and salty roads with Wipe New. Wipe New works on your headlights, rims, tires, and plastic trim to make it not only easy to clean, but also protected from the elements.

Tip #3:  Make sure that you wipe down the trim of your car, your door panels, and your side view mirror covers by using the Wipe New ® Trim Kit.

Tip #4:    Before cold weather sets in, make sure that you give your tires the once-over with Wipe New® Tires; one application will take you through the Spring!

Tip #5:    Make sure you keep your headlights clean and use Wipe New® Headlight Restore.

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