Car Washes & Headlight Restoration

Car Washes & Headlight Restoration - Wipe New

People spend a lot of time and money on their cars. Whether it be oil changes, new tires, or new brakes, these general maintenance items are something that most people don’t forget about. Did you know that washing your car is part of its general maintenance? Although it’s something that we don’t often associate with vehicle maintenance, car washes play a big role in maintaining the good condition of our vehicles, and you may not be doing it as often as you should.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Your car should be washed at least once every two weeks, but that depends on factors such as how often you drive, the weather conditions where you live, etc. If you live somewhere that causes your car to be exposed to a lot of salt, then you should be washing your car more often to avoid the corrosion of metal and rust formation. Not only are bug splatter and bird feces gross to look at, they can damage your car’s paint job. If you notice this mess on your car, don’t wait too long to clean it because it may cause damage faster than you realize. Use your best judgement when deciding how often to wash your vehicle. The once per every two weeks rule may work for most, but you may need to wash your car more or less frequently than that.

Don’t Forget About Your Headlights

If you wash your vehicle and still notice that your headlights are hazy, it’s important to make sure you’re properly cleaning them as well. You need your headlights to see at night while driving and if you cannot see, you are putting yourself and the other people on the road at risk.  Wipe New® Headlight Restore will give you crystal clear headlights in just seconds, so there’s no excuse to not put safety first and make time to clean your headlights.

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