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Best Solution For Restoring Weathered Surfaces - Wipe New

It’s your car’s biggest moment, the odometer ticked from 99,999 to the big 100,000. While that seems like a big number, most newer cars are manufactured to last much longer than 200,000 miles. While you shouldn’t be too worried about the mileage number itself, you should start paying attention to maintenance more.

Oil Changes

One of the more important maintenance duties you’ll want to stay on top of is your car’s oil changes. A good way to remember when it’s time for an oil change is to set a reminder in your calendar the week before so you have time to make an appointment or buy what you need if you change it yourself.

Gas Mileage

As the mileage is climbing and your car is getting old, so will its parts. If you notice that your fuel efficiency is dropping more than a couple miles, you may have a leak in your tank.

Cooling System

The cooling system has helped get your car to where it is today. It has worked very hard to regulate the heat your car radiates during all of the commutes and road trips you have completed over the years. Look out for green fluid leaking from the front of your car, this could mean it’s time to replace the cooling pumps.

The Bottom Line

Just because your car has hit 100K miles, this does not mean you should just let it go. Besides the maintenance tasks mentioned above, you should also keep up with the appearance of your car, we’re talking inside and out. The surfaces might be stained or faded, maybe the interior has a funky smell, or the exterior is just dirty. Give it a good wash and treat your headlights with Wipe New® Headlight Restore. In just seconds you’ll have headlights that look like new.

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