Treat Your Car Right with Headlight Restoration

It’s inevitable, car headlights will become cloudy or foggy as the vehicle begins to age. Not only does this affect the look of the car, but it is also dangerous. The fog is a film that develops on the plastic headlight cover. As you can imagine, this film will make your headlights seem dimmer than they are. The result is a weaker light, which limits the distance you can see and can inhibit your ability to safely drive at night. Luckily, Wipe New Headlight Restoration can solve this problem in just seconds, making your headlights look, and work like new.

Simple to Use

Wipe New headlight restoration is one of the most durable, easy to use, and affordable products on the market today. Within seconds, you will be able to see improvements to your headlights. The headlight restoration kit includes one precision wipe, one professional lens polishing pad, a pair of nitrile gloves and one microfiber towel for an impressive streak free finish.

Safety Issue

Next time you walk out to your car, examine your headlights and see if they are due for a headlight restoration. Often, drivers either won’t notice their headlights have become cloudy or turn to ineffective home remedies to try and clean up their headlights. Although there are some home remedies out there that seem to work, the results are usually very temporary and sometimes can even be harmful to the headlight. Using Wipe New headlight restoration will help increase your road visibility at night, giving you more time to react to objects and movement on the road.

Try Wipe New’s Headlight Restoration kit!

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