Total Car Care 101

Making on-time payments for your vehicle isn’t the only responsibility you have when it comes to owning a car. To keep your car in good shape, it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly, inside and out. Though we can create an in-depth “to-do” list of car care musts, let’s start off with the basics, otherwise known as Total Car Care 101.

1. Wash Your Car

Giving your vehicle a quick bubble bath is simple. After the wash, soap and rinse process, take it one step further by leaving a lasting shine on your tires with Wipe New Tires. The kit includes a bottle of tire shine, a pair of gloves and an applicator pad to easily give your car the finishing touch.

2. Vacuum and Wipe Interior

Next, it is time to move to the interior. Remove and shake out those dirty floor mats and make sure you vacuum in all of the creases. Using the Wipe New Trim Kit, clean all of the interior surfaces, leaving them sparkling for months to come.

3. Headlight Restore

Now that your car is almost in new condition, take a walk to the front of your vehicle and check out those headlights. Chances are they haven’t been cleaned since you became owner of the car, so now is the perfect time to restore them. Wipe New Headlight Restore is the solution to crystal clear headlights in seconds. After use, the headlights are guaranteed to pass inspection for the life of your vehicle.

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