Tires – the unsung heroes of the car world

Let’s be honest… we all love bright and shiny things, don’t we?  When it comes to cars, nothing’s better than a good wash and wax to make it look as close to new as possible. It’s like magic!  We’re suddenly in a better mood… at least for a few days!

Our eyes are usually drawn to the paint job, where most of the bright and shiny stuff resides. You can almost hear yourself say ooh and ah right now, can’t you … but what about those four round black, rubber steel-belted things that move the rest of the car from Point A to Point B?

Tires can lose luster over time and make your car appear older than it actually is. This occurs because of the dirt, weathering, and oxidation that dulls the materials the tire is made out of.

As far as we’re concerned, tires are the unsung heroes of the car world. They really put up with a lot. They deserve a raise. They’re the first part of the car to get dirty and the first thing to lose their luster because they’re the closest to the ground, where they receive the brunt of the dirt and the dust, and if you’re in colder climates, the snow, slush, and the dreaded black iceWipe New Tires in Winter

We need to show tires more love not only during the car wash phase but year round, too, and you can do it with Wipe New Tires®!  Just a little WipeNew Tires® can restore the rich black color to your tires. While you’re down there restoring the tires to a nicer version of former selves, you also have a chance to check the tires for that dreaded hissing noise that if gone untreated, can have you on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck as you watch the cars go by.

Look at the bright side… even if your tire has a flat, at least it will look like new when the tow truck shows up, thanks to Wipe New Tires®!

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