The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

You’ve waited all year and it is finally time for that road trip you have been planning for months. The accommodations are set, everyone is packed, the gas tank is filled, and you think you are just about ready to get on the road. Before heading out the door and pulling out of the driveway, do a once over on this ultimate road trip checklist that includes everything from making sure everyone is in the car to checking your headlights.

People & Luggage

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have everyone, and everything packed. From clothes, toiletries and chargers to the kids and maybe event pets, it’s never a bad idea to double check everything makes it into the car.

Entertainment & Snacks

Next and probably the most important to most of us is the snacks. Packing a cooler with water and juice is important to keep everyone happy and hydrated. A bag of chips, pretzels, dried fruit, and other yummy snacks is key to a fun road trip. Spend some time creating an awesome road trip playlist and make sure that the kids have books, games and maybe even movies to stay entertained.

Car Maintenance

Last but definitely not least, the most important step is making sure your vehicle is ready to go. Popping the hood to make sure all essential liquids like oil and windshield washer fluid are topped off is the first step. Do a walk around of the car to make sure all the tires are looking filled and, on your way around, take a peek at your headlights. Over time, headlights will become foggy and dirty looking and it’s important to have clean headlights so you can see the road and others can see you too. When in doubt, use Wipe New Headlight Restoration to have crystal clear headlights in just seconds.

Once you go over everything on this checklist you are good to go. Safe travels!

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