The Trim Restorer That Can Make a Vehicle Look Like New

Nothing is worse than realizing how old your car looks with dull trim. With Wipe New’s Trim Restorer Kit, your car can have that “new car” look and shine in just minutes. Vehicle owners that have tried countless other trim restorer products to no avail want something that works. Wipe News Trim Restorer is a breakthrough solution that can be used on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

The trim restorer has been tested and proven to work on plastic, rubber, leather, vinyl, chrome, metallic and ceramic surfaces. Not only will the trim restorer make them appear to look like new, it also protects many surfaces from sunlight, salt, water spots and other harsh natural elements that find their way onto your vehicle.

With just one fast and easy application of the trim restorer, the trim can look like it did the day it drove off the lot. When applying the solution to vehicle surfaces, a little goes a long way. Just one drop of the trim restorer is enough for both the interior and exterior of a mid-sized car. One of the best features about Wipe New trim restorer is that it is made to last. Say goodbye to constantly reapplying product to your vehicle wash after wash, Wipe New trim restorer is proven month after month. With this is mind, you know you will not only be saving money, but time too.

If you have other toys like motorcycles, boats and RV’s, Wipe New trim restorer can be used on them as well.

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