The Safety Benefits of a Clean Windshield

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Some people tend to forget to clean their windshield as often as they are supposed to. Although it may seem like a simple thing to forget, cleaning your windshield can have a wide variety of important safety benefits. Below are some of the important benefits of keeping your windshield clean.

What are the Benefits of a Clean Windshield?

  • Increased Visibility and Safety: Although this may sound obvious, a clean windshield makes for a safer driving experience. Having only a spot or two on your windshield can still decrease visibility and impact your ability to make quick decisions while driving. Having clear visibility is important, so beyond just windshield cleaning practices, consider treating your windshield with Wipe New® RainBrella in order to get the most out of your vehicle on rainy or foggy nights.
  • Better Windshield Wipers: Leaving unnecessary dirt and grime on your windshield can make it hard for your windshield wipers to perform at maximum capacity. The more friction your windshield wipers have to fight against, the less water they are going to remove. Your wipers will also have a longer lifespan, because going over small bumps and groove wears them down over time.
  • Longer Windshield Life: A dirty windshield can easily be damaged if there are abrasive materials on your windshield. Not keeping your windshield clean can ultimately result in it cracking or chipping. Unfortunately, once a windshield is chipped or cracked it usually has to be replaced, so it is better to just be proactive and clean it regularly!

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Source: Windshield Experts

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