The Dangers of Driving with Snow on the Roof of Your Vehicle

a line of parked cars covered in snow on a street

If you are in a hurry before work in the morning, it may be quick and easy to omit cleaning the snow off the roof of your car. Driving with snow, sleet, or ice on your roof is dangerous and illegal in many places. Having snow, sleet, or ice on the roof of your vehicle can have serious safety repercussions for you and other drivers around you and we discuss why that is below:

Lack of Visibility

When driving with snow on the roof of your vehicle, it is possible that the snow could become dislodged during transit. The dislodged snow could potentially slide into your windshield, or blow into someone else’s, causing an extreme lack of visibility. It is obviously very important to have the best visibility possible when driving to avoid accidents, but sometimes a simple car wash isn’t enough. Try using Wipe New® RainBrella® to improve visibility while driving in poor weather conditions.

Roadway Obstructions

If there is a frozen slab of ice on the roof of your vehicle, it is highly possible that once you pick up speed, the frozen slab will fly off your roof and onto the road. This could create a serious obstruction in the roadway, ultimately causing accidents to other travelers on the road.

Ice Missiles

On top of the danger of ice from your car covering the road, there is also the potential danger of a sheet of ice from your car hitting another vehicle, which are known as ice missiles. These ice missiles are sometimes launched into other drivers’ windshields and can cause extreme damage, injury, or in some cases death.

Make sure you are spending time before your morning commute to clean the ice off your car. What may seem like a tedious, annoying task is actually very important and can prevent an injury from happening to you or another driver!

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