The Costly Effect Dirt Has on Your Vehicle

car covered in mud on a dirt road

There are many drivers who simply want a vehicle that gets them safely from point A to point B. They don’t care much about the appearance of their car and in turn, do not take the necessary precautions to keep it clean. What they might not realize is that leaving dirt or mud on their car can severely hurt it in the long run, depreciating its resale value and decreasing its lifespan.

Effect on Body of the Car

The most common effect dirt has on your vehicle is fading and discoloration. White and other light-colored vehicles especially need to be regularly and properly washed. If not, dirt will stick to the body of the car and cause inevitable paint discoloration over time. The pure metal parts of your car are also subject to rusting over time without proper washing. Wipe New® Original is safe to use on plastic, rubber, leather, metallic, and many more surfaces. You can clean your car top to bottom with this product.

Effect on Headlights

Since headlights are so low on the car, they will be affected by dirt more than most parts of the car. Mud and dust can dry on headlights quickly and if they are not washed in a timely manner, some of the grime can become permanent. This causes discoloration and even decreased performance of your headlights.

In order to keep your vehicle running for years to come, you should make sure you’re taking proper care of it. Dirt may not be a big deal in the short term, but it can have long-term negative effects on your car. Plan ahead and dedicate time to the cleaning and maintenance of your car.

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