Take A Break and Check Your Brakes

Brake pads are one of the vital safety features of a car. They are made up of a hydraulic system which uses friction to bring your car to a stop. When brake pads begin to wear down, your brakes become ineffective, which is incredibly dangerous. Fully functioning brakes enable you to stop short for hazards on the road. Checking your brakes is as easy as checking to see the thickness of your brake pads.

Location & Checking

Your brake pads are located between the spokes of your wheel, where you’ll see a shiny metal rotor inside. On the outer edge of the rotor, there is a metal caliper. The brake pad is located between the rotor and the caliper brake pads should be about a quarter inch in thickness. If they appear to have worn down, it’s important that you take them to a local mechanic to get them changed.


Sometimes however, the spokes in your car are too close together which can prohibit you from being able to see your brake pads. In this case, you’d have to remove the tire to see inside. If you are unsure if your brake pads have worn down, it is better to air on the side of caution and get them checked out by a trusted mechanic.

Listen to Your Brakes

Another way to keep tabs on your brakes is by listening to how they sound. Turn down the music once in a while to evaluate what it sounds like when you slow down. If your brakes are making a grinding or high-pitched sound, that’s a sign that your brakes have worn down and are damaging the rotor.

Be Aware

If your car doesn’t feel like it’s driving the way it should, you are probably not wrong. Any deviations from the way your car normally feels when you drive could be signs of serious technical problems or parts that are aging out. Asking a mechanic what the problem might be while you get a routine oil change can be lifesaving.

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