Summer Car Care Tips

These are must-dos for summertime car maintenance:

1. Nice and Shiny

After a long, snowy winter, your car needs a good cleaning. The salt on the roads from the winter can cause rust to your car if it is not properly cleaned. From the paint job to the undercarriage of your car, a car wash is necessary for the entirety of the car, inside and out. If salt is left on the floor mats of your car, the risk of the floor boards corroding increases. Try handwashing your car instead of going to an automatic car wash for the best clean your car can get.

2. Sunshade Up

Nothing is worse than getting into a hot car that has been baking in the sun all morning, especially if the interior is leather. The best way to overcome this is by investing in a sunshade. A sunshade is placed inside your car against the windshield to block the sun from shining in and heating up the interior. Not only will this keep your car cooler but will also prevent the sun from fading the colors of your dashboard.

3. Tire Pressure

Keeping an eye on your tire pressure during the summer can help prevent a blowout. Air inside your tires expand with the summer heat, so tire blowouts are more prone to happen. Your tires may need to be inflated or deflated depending on how much air was originally put into them.

4. Fluid Levels

The top five fluids underneath the hood of your car are oil, power-steering, transmission, brake and coolant. Maintaining each fluid level can avoid a whole lot of problems in the future. If you find the fluid levels to consistently be low, that may mean there is a leak somewhere.

5. Keep It Cool

Last but not least, we have air conditioning. During those brutal summer days, its no surprise we crank up the AC and put it on blast to keep us cool on the road. Mechanics recommend that it is best to keep the AC at a steady, lower speed. Doing so is more efficient for the car and can improve the car’s fuel efficiency because it is not working as hard.

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