Spring Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

A must-do on your spring cleaning list is cleaning your car. For many people, their cars have just experienced a cold, snowy winter and have dried up salt on the exterior and interiors of their cars. Not only does the salt look bad, it actually eats away at your cars paint and frame. Cleaning a car inside and out can seem very overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Where to Start

Start with a list to keep yourself motivated and on task. Once the temperatures outside are warmer and the sun is out, dedicate a couple of hours one Saturday and just get it done. Remove all of the mats from the car, roll down the windows to let the interior air out and get some music playing.

  1. Wash the Exterior

The first thing you’ll want to do is get the exterior of the vehicle washed, whether you do it at home or take it to a car wash. After this, you’ll already feel much better about the entire process. Once you see how clean the outside is, you might notice that your headlights aren’t looking as clean. If they are looking foggy, use Wipe New Headlight Restore to have crystal clear headlights in seconds! As for the rest of the exterior, put some finishing touches on the tires by adding some tire shine to them for that extra sparkle.

  1. Tackle the Interior

Once the exterior of the car is complete, move on to the inside. Wiping down all surfaces including the dashboard, the doors and floors and even the seats will get rid of any unwanted salt and dirt. For finishing touches, place your favorite air freshener inside and let the rest be history. Reward yourself by taking a joy drive, soaking in the warmth and sunshine.

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