Safety For Summer Driving

Drive Safely and Protect Your Car During The Summer - Wipe New

Living in areas with hot summers or traveling to places with higher temperatures can be taxing on you and your car. To help, we’ve curated some summer safety advice to prevent unwanted accidents.

Heat Affecting Tires

Heat affects travel in many ways, starting with noticeably more tire blowouts in the summer. Heat causes tires to expand, making them more likely to pop from friction against asphalt. To potentially avoid this, it is recommended to drive on highways instead of side streets which are better equipped to handle higher temperatures.

Why AC Matters

Although air conditioning may seem like more of a luxury than anything, a comfortable driving environment is essential for preventing accidents. Overheating for the driver and passenger may cause distraction leading to collisions and other health dangers like heat exhaustion or heat stroke. This is especially important to keep in mind for elders and children. Just as important as staying cool, you’ll also want to make sure your car is protected from the sun’s rays by using Wipe New Original to decrease any damage the sun may cause.

Increased Road Congestion

Summertime is notorious for busier roads that can lead to heavier traffic and distraction. Families are traveling, construction projects are more common, and bicyclists/motorists are increasingly present. To avoid collision, it is important to brush up on defensive driving skills. You should always keep about 3-4 car spaces in front of you to give yourself time to slow down in case of unexpected roadwork or pedestrians. Because the number of distracted pedestrians has gone up, always be alert. Also, remember that drivers have the responsibility to share the road with bicyclists and motorcyclists.

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