Wipe New® Tires


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Now Keep Your Tires as Showroom New as Your Car with Wipe New® Tires!

• 2 fl. oz. Bottle (Enough for a Set of Four Standard Automobile Tires)
• 1 Pair of Gloves
• 1 Applicator Pad


Now Keep Your Tires as Showroom New as Your Car with Wipe New® Tires! Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of dozens of car washes will stop Wipe New® Tires from keeping your tires better than new for a full six months! It’s not only the best protection your tires ever had – it’s the fastest! – Just wipe it on and let it dry. Your tires will be protected from snow, slush and road chemicals all season long – and into the summer! Get protection from mud and muck, heat and sand along with all the normal dust and road grime. It all just rinses right off! Car enthusiasts and professional detailers alike wouldn’t pamper their expensive tire investments with anything else. Ordinary tire products are just surface coatings and don’t last. When they’re exposed to water, they basically wash right off. Wipe New® Tires applies quickly and evenly with our special applicator. Instantly, your tires will look great – even better than new! And you’ll get that newer-than-new look through a hundred car washes – WOW! Why? Because Wipe New® Tires is not a coating. It’s a proprietary formula that bonds to your tires, filling the pores and protecting deeper and more effectively than any other tire product. Don’t trust tire protection and luster to anything but Wipe New® Tires! Stop wasting time re-applying other products week after week for a shine that lasts a few days at best. Wipe New® Tires is the world’s longest lasting tire shine. Our revolutionary formula will keep your tires looking better than new through all conditions for 6 months after only one application! Each Wipe New® Tires Kit comes complete with One 2 fl. oz. bottle of Wipe New® Tires, one pair of gloves and one applicator pad. It really is the only long-lasting tire shine that does not crack, peel, or wash away!

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