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In May 2012, Wipe New, LLC revolutionized the way that consumers maintain their vehicles with the launch of its banner product, Wipe New®. Recognized by the foremost consumer reporting publication as “by far the easiest to use…” and “…really stood out, far outlasting all others”, Wipe New’s innovative nano-polymer formula offers a simple, one-time, one-wipe application that restores color and shine to faded trim surfaces, and protects from degradation for years.

Selling only direct to consumer initially, in less than one year Wipe New® was not only being distributed internationally, it was being sold at every major retail chain in the US. In just two short years, Wipe New® sales in the US alone exceeded 2 million units. Wipe New, LLC expanded the brand in 2014, introducing other automotive care products, with more new products planned for 2015. Wipe New, LLC is co-owned by Floyd Kuriloff and Elizabeth Morgan, successful entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience in the marketing industry.

shaver1Leo Shaver is a Harley Davidson racer who rides an ’87 Kawasaki. Shaver has a long list of accomplishments, including two JEGS NHRA Pacific SPORTSnationals wing and a Division 7 NHRA Summit Racing Series championship.

Leo Shaver is also a huge fan of Wipe New. You can see him wearing our Wipe New logo during his latest JEGS NHRA Pacific SPORTSnationals win!

SRC_7351Virginia Beach, VA – Wipe New, LLC, the company responsible for the fastest growing brand in automotive appearance in recent years, was awarded three 2014 Global Media Awards during its first appearance at SEMA. An esteemed panel of 26 top automotive journalists, from 15 countries, faced the daunting task of reviewing nearly 2,000 new products featured at SEMA this year, and picking the new products that will most appeal to consumers in their home markets and succeed commercially in their countries. Innovative products Wipe New Headlight Restore and Wipe New Wheels were both recognized as winners. Judge Tony Matthews (Superfly, United Kingdom) said, “the reason we picked your product is at the end of the day we try to find something that really stands out from the usual products. We see a lot of products which are great, but what happens is they’re just another application so we try to find something that really stands out, that’s fresh for the year, so well done.”

wipe-new-sema-global-media-awards-2014-v2 “The idea of customization and personalization has been growing throughout the world,” said Linda Spencer, SEMA director of international and government relations. “Our goal is to have media experts from around the world determine which new products are likely to succeed in their home markets. The automotive specialty-equipment market is made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about the hobby, and so it’s exciting to see how their love for cars, trucks and SUVs is impacting those throughout the world.”

Wipe New’s inaugural appearance at SEMA was an unequivocal success. Featuring interactive displays where touching was promoted, the Wipe New booth at SEMA 2014 garnered a great deal of attention.  From show opening on Tuesday morning through the closing announcement on Friday afternoon, the Wipe New booth stayed full with well-wishers who stopped by to share their Wipe New success stories, and industry professionals interested in using, reselling and/or distributing the pioneering line of Wipe New appearance products in their businesses. Co-owner, Floyd Kuriloff, stated, “going into SEMA, we didn’t know exactly what to expect. We initially thought that we would only need a couple of people in our booth at any given time. We were ecstatic to be proven wrong!  Everyone we brought to Vegas with us was busy working in our booth the entire time the show was open. By the end of the day, our staff members were both excited and exhausted. We are completely thrilled by the turnout and truly appreciate the overwhelming support from both the SEMA community and the Global Media judges. We can’t wait for next year’s show!”

Wipe New was presented with three coveted Global Media Awards at a ceremony held November 5, 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As Seen on TV – Wipe The Years Away From Your Car!

ARTICLE-415-PIC-3Wipe New is a car detailing product that claims to restore a vehicles surface back to it’s showroom shine without having to spend hundreds on professional detailing shops. Unlike most other car detailing products that are designed to clean one part of the car, Wipe New has the ability to clean both the interior and exterior of vehicles.

In addition to vehicles, the product works on RV’s, boats and motorcycles…

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September 11, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA – Backed by an extensive media campaign and countless favorable customer reviews, Wipe New Headlight Restore, newly launched in 2014, reached the #1 position in Amazon’s headlight restoration category in just three weeks.

Wipe New, LLC touts Wipe New Headlight Restore as the most durable, affordable, and easy to apply Headlight Restoration product on the market. Believed to be the only headlight restoration product of its kind that is conveniently packaged to reduce waste in a pre-saturated, single use microfiber Wipe-it, the product is ready to use right out of the package. Wipe New’s proprietary formula delivers Crystal Clear Headlights in seconds and guarantees that your headlights will pass inspection for the life of the vehicle! Wipe New Headlight Restore is affordably priced at $9.99 and available nationwide at participating retailers or online.

Search #wipenew, visit the New Products Showcase, and come see our spectacular display that includes stunning before & afters and application videos at the SEMA Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, November 4-7, 2014, North Hall, booth 12355.

September 19, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA – Newly launched for 2014, Wipe New Tires is the first consumer tire dressing that features a nano-polymer, rather than silicon-based formula. This fundamental difference from competing brands results in a product with unmatched performance and durability. Wipe New Tires will last for 6 months or over 100 car washes, guaranteed! Another benefit to this technological innovation is that Wipe New Tires cures to a dry, non-greasy finish that doesn’t attract dust or pollen, won’t sling onto your car’s paint, and won’t crack, chip, peel or flake off. Come see what Wipe New Tires can do in the New Products Showcase at the SEMA Show, November 4-7, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Search #wipenew and come see our full lineup and exhibit in the North Hall, booth 12355.

Ground-breaking Wipe New to debut at SEMA
September 5, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA – Wipe New, LLC, the company responsible for the fastest growing brand in automotive appearance in recent years, is excited to announce its first showing at SEMA, November 4-7. Visit us in the North Hall, booth 12355, to see, feel and hear why Wipe New® has taken the automotive appearance industry by storm.

Stay tuned for more press releases coming soon–with new product introductions!

October 2, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA –Wipe New will unveil a game changing new product at SEMA that will fundamentally change the way fleet vehicles are restored and maintained, minimizing maintenance with long lasting durability and shine. Wipe New Professional for Fleets restores color and sheen to faded and oxidized surfaces making them look like new–and keeps them that way with nano-polymer durability! No more painting or waxing! Wipe New delivers reduced downtime, enhanced fleet appearance, and faster & easier vehicle cleaning with a simple wipe-on procedure. Come and see how to restore the pride and glory in aging fleets at a fraction of the cost of repainting! Visit Wipe New at booth 12355 in the North Hall or in the New Products Showcase at the SEMA show, Las Vegas Convention Center, November 4-7, 2014. #wipenew

September 25, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA –The Wipe New line is a new class of products that outperform traditional brands, and Wipe New Wheels, brand new for 2014, is no exception! Wipe New Wheels is the only consumer product to provide lasting & powerful protection against road salt, brake dust, grime and corrosion. Wipe New Wheels’ nano-polymer formula gives the consumer unprecedented results and durability; it restores original luster, makes cleaning easier, and protects from harsh elements in just one wipe, and one application. Innovative Wipe-it technology makes application fast & easy. Come see the Wheel in this image that was half coated with Wipe New Wheels and soaked in a tank of water and magnesium chloride (road salt) in the New Products Showcase at the SEMA Show, November 4-7, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Search #wipenew and see our full lineup and exhibit in the North Hall, booth 12355.