New Driving Technologies

new driving technologies


Cars have come a long way, haven’t they?

Gone are the days of having to stick your feet through the floor and yelling “Yabba Dabba Doo” to get your car moving.  And those huge stone tires… how did we ever find the right size? Back then, you didn’t go to the tire store. You had to go to the rock quarry!  And how about having to repair the roof of your car after your pet dinosaur stuck your head through it?

All right, so that might have never happened to you… or anyone for all that matters… but cars have come a long way and some of the newest advancements are truly mind boggling.

Here are some of the fantastic new features on cars to make your life easier, and in some cases, even save your life.

Back-Up Cameras:   Back-Up cameras are a godsend, aren’t they? You don’t have to contort your body to see the back of your car anymore, which is great. No one wants to accidentally back into something… or someone. While this isn’t exactly a recent revelation, it’s a feature that can be a lifesaver. By May 2018 all new cars will include backup cameras to help prevent deadly backover accidents, the majority of which involve children.

Automatic Parallel Parking: This feature is a mind-blower, especially for drivers who are challenged when it comes to parallel parking. When the system is activated, the car will find a spot where your car will fit and when you shift into reverse, the car will automatically steer itself into the space.

Smartphone Locking and Unlocking:  Yes, there’s an app for selected car models that allow you to press a button on your smartphone to lock and unlock your car. That would have never happened from a pay phone.

Driver Attention Warning System: This is definitely a lifesaver, especially for long distance drivers. Small cameras are mounted to detect when you are veering into another lane, and the steering wheel or the driver’s seat will shake to snap you back to reality. Depending on the manufacturer, you might also see flashing warning lights or flashing coffee cups.

Foot Activated Tailgate Opener:  If you’re carrying something large and can’t reach for your keys (or your smartphone app), certain SUV models have a feature where you kick your foot under the middle of the car bumper and a sensor will open the hatch for you.

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