Most Important Items To Keep In Your Car

Life can be very unexpected, and you never know what types of situations you will end up in, especially when driving. Flat tires, accidents, injuries and traffic are just some common situations that daily drivers find themselves in. Keeping a handful of important items in your vehicle at all times is a good idea to help you when life happens.

1. Jumper Cables

Dead batteries happen unexpectedly whether you are just about to head to work or are leaving the grocery store. To be prepared, always have a pair of jumper cables in your car.

2. Spare Tire

Like dead batteries, flat tires can also happen at any given moment. Knowing how to put a spare tire on your vehicle can save you money and time. Make sure your car is equipped with a spare tire at all times.

3. First Aid Kit

Whether it’s a small cut or a serious injury, a first aid kit can go a long way until you are able to get home or to the doctor’s office.

4. Wipe New

We put safety first and having clean and clear headlights is part of that. Wipe New Headlight Restore is made with a proprietary formula that gives you crystal clear headlights in just seconds.

5. Blanket

Storing a blanket in your car can be lifesaving, especially during the winter. Whether you are having car issues, stuck in traffic or have to wait for someone to come pick you up, the warmth a blanket provides can be lifesaving.

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