The Avento Corporation is a powerhouse direct response television marketing company with more than two decades of experience and expertise in product development and marketing. Among its top clients is Wipe New LLC, the award winning, nationally recognized brand that Avento brought to the pinnacle of the automotive appearance market in just two short years. If you have an idea that you feel will excite consumers or make the world a better place, we have the knowledge and the resources to bring your product to market!

After a demonstration by a local businessman lasting just a few minutes, Avento executives recognized the potential of this unprecedented new technology, branded it Wipe New®, and set out to make it a household name. Driven by a multi-million dollar national television campaign, consumer demand rose quickly and the world took notice. The Avento team quickly established a supply chain to support both retail and direct to consumer sales and in less than a year, Wipe New was available for purchase from every major retailer nationwide with international markets taking notice. In 2014, Wipe New had achieved top honors from a leading consumer publication and also won three prestigious awards during its debut at the SEMA show in 2014. With combined direct and retail sales exceeding 3 million units in the first three years alone, Avento capitalized on the growing brand recognition and kept the momentum going with the expansion of the Wipe New product line, which now consists of an astounding 8 innovative products!

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