Importance of Winter Tire Care

Winters are known to be a difficult time of year for drivers to get around due to snow, ice, and sleet. It’s crucial for people who live in colder climates to keep their tires in good shape for the weather. If tires are not taken care of properly, many misshapes can occur and your safety could be at risk. Many factors go into play when it comes to keeping your tires up to par. Here are some important tips for tire care during the winter months.

1. Install Winter Tires

Installing winter tires will make your ride much safer in ice, snow, slush, and freezing rain. These tires provide flexibility when temperatures drop and have unique tread patterns. Winter tires also offer 25%-50% higher traction than all-season tires. Take it one step further by applying Wipe New Wheels for extra protection against road salt. Remember to purchase a matching set of 4 tires instead of 2. Having only 2 snow tires can cause issues with your ride due to mismatched traction.

2. Check your pressure

Cold weather can cause the pressure in your tires to quickly drop. Because of this, your tires can wear unevenly which can lead to damage. Tires can also blowout and have higher rolling resistance when proper air pressure isn’t applied. Checking the pressure is the easiest and most important way to keep your tires in good care.

3. Inspect the tread

If you choose not to get snow tires, make sure to thoroughly check the tread of your tires before the cold weather hits. If you wait until the last minute, your car may skid and slide on the roads. Also, examine to see if your tires are too inflated by checking whether there is wear in the middle. This poses a huge danger to other drivers’ safety as well as your own. Use a nano-polymer based product like Wipe New Tires for better durability and tire performance.

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