How to Travel with Your Dog

Anyone who loves travelling but also has a dog understands how hard it can be to get on the road when their little furry friend wants to play. Below are some tips on how to make travelling with your dog easier and more enjoyable!

Make Sure They’re Okay with The Drive

The first step to getting on the road with your little friend is ensuring they are alright with the drive to begin with. Some dogs have anxiety problems and other ailments that stop them from enjoying the ride. Don’t force your dog to be uncomfortable!

Pack Their Supplies

Make sure to not overlook your dog’s eating habits. Know how much your dog eats and drinks daily, and then bring extra in case of emergency. It’s also extremely important to consider any medications your dog requires whether it be everyday or periodically and have some of those on hand as well.

Double Check Their Collar

You do NOT want to lose your puppy ever, but especially if you’re on the go in a place far from home. That’s why ensuring that your dog has a proper collar labelled with your telephone number, address, and name is essential while traveling. If for any reason your dog wanders off, they’ll have the appropriate information for people all over to return them to you. Be especially careful travelling internationally because international citizens may not be able to call your phone. Consider microchipping your animal for added security.

Take Frequent Breaks

Dogs often cannot sit in the car for extended periods of time without needing a break. Although it’s obvious that you may need to stop for the bathroom quite a few times, your dog requires the same treatment. An opportunity to stretch their legs and use the bathroom is essential for their long car ride.

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