How to Restore Headlights with Wipe New

1) If your lens is cloudy/oxidized, first use a spray bottle or damp cloth to wet the lens, then rub with the abrasive (blue/green) side of headlight prep pad (included in the detail kit) to remove oxidation and contaminants. Ensure that the lens stays damp while using the prep pad. The oxidation coming off the lens will appear as brownish colored liquid; rub until this visual indicator is no longer present. IMPORTANT: do not allow prep pad to come in contact with painted surface; it may scratch.

2) Rinse lens with water, dry thoroughly with a clean cloth and inspect the surface to ensure oxidation has been removed. If not, repeat steps 1 and 2 on any missed spots. TIP: when you can see through the lens while wet, you are ready to apply Wipe New.

3) With the cap still affixed, shake the bottle of Wipe New for 10 seconds prior to opening.

4) Slowly and carefully, pour Wipe New onto the applicator cloth until saturated.

5) Apply in a single wipe to dry lens with little or no overlap, from one row to the next until the surface is completely coated.

6) Discard the applicator cloth when the application is finished or if it begins to harden during application.

Folks, this is how it’s done. Customer comment from Instagram: “Wipe new works!”


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