How to Remove Bug Splatter From Your Car

Bug Splatter - Restoring & Protecting Car Trim - Wipe New

Warmer weather means the bugs are out, or more like splattered all over the front of your car. You’ll find them on the front end of your car and on your windshield, and they aren’t the easiest to wipe away. Depending on the bug, its size and how long it stays on your car, it can chip the paint or become extremely difficult to scrape off.


The easiest solution to bug splatter starts with prevention. Before you go on that road trip, treat your car to a nice wash and wax, this will help avoid the bugs from sticking to your car and make it easier to get them off.

The Aftermath

If the damage has already been done and you’re back from your road trip looking for the easiest way to remove the bug splatter, you’ve come to the right place. Start off with a pre-soak to help soften the hard, dried up bugs. When washing your car, you may want to use a hand held sponge and some elbow grease to really scrub away at the bugs. We also recommend that you use a high-pressure power washer, this will give you the best chance at getting rid of the bugs on your bumper, hood or windshield. If you notice your trim is looking a little faded after the wash, use Wipe New Original to restore and protect your trim from future damage.

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