How to Prevent Car Theft

When it comes to stealing a vehicle, thieves look for things like ease of access and how much time it will take to leave the scene in your car. Though keeping your doors locked and windows closed when you aren’t in your car seems obvious, sometimes we just forget. Just like we remind you to keep your headlights clean with Wipe New Headlight Restore, we also want to make sure you and your vehicle stays safe.

  1. Lock the doors

First and foremost, keep your doors locked at all times, even while you are driving. Checking the doors is going to be one of the first things someone does when looking to break into a car.

  1. Close the windows

Double checking to make sure your windows are closed when you leave your car will not only save you from rain and bad weather finding its way into your car, but also someone else who doesn’t belong there.

  1. Leave valuables out of sight

Valuable items and money left out in plain sight are something that thieves look for. They may not even be looking to steal the car, but instead will just break in to take the valuable items and leave. This is especially true in high volume areas like major cities where people are constantly walking by your parked vehicle.

  1. Use a steering wheel lock

Lastly, if you are in a popular area where you’ll need to leave your car parked and unattended all day or for days at a time, consider investing in a steering wheel lock. This is an easy way to deter thieves from your car because of the difficulty they would have driving it.

  1. GPS tracker

If you’re concerned about car theft even after taking precautions, car thieves may stop at nothing to try and steal a car regardless of whether there’s easy access or valuables in sight. Expensive luxury cars are particularly vulnerable in this case. It’s recommended that you purchase a GPS tracker to leave in the car made specifically for the purpose of enabling police to track down stolen cars.

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