Getting the Best Gas Prices

Saving Money on Gas

America is lucky at the moment – fuel prices have dropped dramatically as of late, and we’re basically happy to pay any price asked because they’re so much lower than we’re used to.

Here are some ways that you can save at the pump:


Finding cheaper gas is somewhat of a hobby for some. There are even phone and tablet apps like “Gas Buddy” who use crowdsourced data from the users themselves. They feature maps to the stations, prices, and directions from wherever you are.

Independent Stations 

Everyone has seen those gas stations that are independently owned and not affiliated with any major fuel supplier. They typically have cheaper prices than branded stations to attract more business. The gas is the same – the only difference being that some fuel producers add cleaning agents to their fuel, whereas unbranded stations just use regular good ol’ gasoline – good enough for all cars.

Cash vs Credit

Paying in cash is also a way to get a price break – sometimes even up to a 15 cent difference! Many gas stations have taken to charging two different prices, so it’s best to pay cash when you can. This does not apply to debit cards, though. They’re treated the same way as credit cards.

Station Credit Cards

Many branded stations offer station credit cards or promotions that offer X cents per gallon off, and if you use the same gas station often, it’s can be a very worthwhile move. You may also qualify for other promotions partnered with the station for things such as free soft drinks, food, etc.

Grocery Store Rewards

Depending on where you live, some grocery store chains team up with chains of gas stations to provide discounts for their shoppers. How does it work? Generally, as you spend money on your groceries and use your store loyalty card, you rack up either points of cents off per gallon. Then, when you go to the gas station, swipe your grocery store loyalty card to get the discount. It’s an easy way to save money at the pump!

Check the Internet

Through our research, we’ve also found that the internet is a great resource because the fuel surge prompted many people in major cities to procure websites like “” and the like. There seems to be a site for almost every major and mid-sized city, and with some light internet searching, you should be able to find a site with prices near you.

For now, enjoy the lower gas prices, for we have no idea how long this blessing will last. When they do start going up, you now have resources and wisdom to get the best fuel deals for your vehicle.

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