Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner - 20 oz

Wipe New


Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner spray dissolves brake dust and removes tire sidewall browning with a powerful formulated cleaner that provides a level of clean you cannot achieve with an ordinary wash. 


· Acid free formula 

· Any-angle spray provides easy appication and full coverage
· Can be used on all OEM clear coat wheels

· Powerful cleaners dissolve brake dust and road oil 
· Clinging foam cleans hard to reach areas of intricate wheel designs  
· Removes browning from tire sidewalls to restore original black appearance to tires
· Formulated with a corrosion inhibitor to help keep your wheels looking like new 


Wipe New only ships within the continental United States. We do not offer shipping outside of the United States or to the U.S. Territories.


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Clean wheels and deep black tires can really make your car stand out from the rest of the crowd. Unfortunately, they can get filthy fast as they are exposed to brake dust, road oil and dirt on a daily basis. Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner makes it easy to cut through those contaminants and renew the look to your wheels and tires. Just spray on and watch the dirt and grime lift off the surface to reveal brilliant, attention grabbing wheels! 

Note:  Before using be sure wheels are cool to the touch.  Do not use in direct sunlight.  Do not allow product to dry on wheels.
1. Holding can 6-8 inches away, spray Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner on wheel surface and tire sidewall. For a thorough, deep clean be sure to spray around wheel lug nuts.
2. Allow product up to 30-60 seconds to cut through and remove brake dust, dirt and road oils from wheel and tire. For heavy brake dust, a wheel brush may be necessary.
3. To bring the black back to your tires, use a stiff bristle brush to deep clean and remove the brown residue.
4. Rinse thoroughly with a strong stream of water.
5. Dry wheel to prevent water spotting.
Tip: For the finishing touch, apply Wipe New Blazing Wet Tire Shine to the tire sidewall for that professionally detailed look.


Iso Propyl Alcohol
C9-C11 Alcohols Ehthoxylated
Sodium Metasilicate
Glutamic acid, N,N-diacetic acid, tetrasodium salt
Potassium Hydroxide
Alcohols, C12-13, Ethoxylated




Alkaline Modifier

Is this safe for all wheel surfaces?
Yes!  When used according to the directions, Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner is safe for all wheels – Aluminum alloy, chrome, coated and painted.
Why aerosol?  Most other wheel cleaners are trigger spray.
Wipe New Fierce Wheel and Tire Cleaner delivers a light foam that clings to the wheel and tire surface and we have found aerosol application provides the best delivery system for this chemistry.  Plus our aerosol technology provides optimal coverage and allows the foam to reach intricate areas of the wheels that are sometimes missed.

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