Driving as a Senior: How to Make the Most of Modern Tech

two senior citizens enjoying the view during a road trip

Today, cars are packed with technological features that make driving them more convenient and a simpler experience overall. This is fortunate for senior citizens, as driving can become difficult with age. Though many seniors like to stick with vehicles they’ve had for years, upgrading to a new vehicle can prove to be beneficial, especially when it comes to their safety.

What Features Assist Seniors?

Most features that the average person takes for granted can truly make a difference in a senior citizen’s life beyond just simple convenience. For instance, computer-controlled emergency braking could be the difference between a major motor vehicle accident and a traffic jam. Senior’s reaction times are often slower than average, so emergency braking systems have significant use in their vehicles.

Features like blind spot monitoring and lane departure alerts help keep seniors aware of their surroundings while driving. Because seniors may have poor vision, features like these can greatly benefit the safety of the driver. One often overlooked convenience of modern cars is automatic and adaptive headlights. These headlights automatically turn on in the dark and even turn with the steering wheel so the driver can see spots that would normally be dark. It’s important for all drivers to keep up on headlight maintenance, which includes replacing the bulbs and keeping them clean. Wipe New® Headlight Restore makes cleaning your headlights easier than ever, which increases road visibility for all drivers.

Even features as simple as a push to start button can be beneficial to seniors as in some situations turning the key can be difficult. Beyond just the simple key turn, the ability to not have to search for keys to turn on the vehicle or open the door can be lifechanging for seniors!

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