Daylight Savings Effect on Auto Accidents

With the overjoy of Spring upon us, the one negative aspect of the season is daylight savings time. The extra hour of sleep lost because of daylight savings time can be frustrating. Being drowsy behind the wheel is dangerous, but it can happen when you get an hour less of sleep than you usually would. Daylight savings is increasingly one of the leading causes of automobile accidents. One hour of lost sleep may not seem like a lot, however, it has impactful and deadly effects.

Millions of Americans are mugged of sleep every year and that number is continuously rising. Sleep deprivation has become a bad habit for most adults despite the obvious and bearing consequences. Although bad habits die hard, they must be fixed, or the negative effects can leave you with remorse. In order to be mentally and physically at your prime for the day, your body must have a certain amount of sleep to be in the best shape.

Driving drowsy not only puts you in danger, but it puts those around you in a deadly situation that can be prevented. With the ongoing and increasing stressors in life, sleep is critical—it must be treated as a priority. Think about how much better your day will be if you are running on the appropriate amount of sleep and enjoying the season. Now that’s a way to Spring forward!

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