two senior citizens enjoying the view during a road trip
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Driving as a Senior: How to Make the Most of Modern Tech

Today, cars are packed with technological features that make driving them more convenient and a simpler experience overall. This is fortunate for senior citizens, as driving can become difficult with age. Though many seniors like to stick with vehicles they’ve had for years, upgrading to a new vehicle can prove to be beneficial, especially when […]

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The Trim Restorer That Can Make a Vehicle Look Like New

Nothing is worse than realizing how old your car looks with dull trim. With Wipe New’s Trim Restorer Kit, your car can have that “new car” look and shine in just minutes. Vehicle owners that have tried countless other trim restorer products to no avail want something that works. Wipe News Trim Restorer is a […]

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What Every Driver Should Know About Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is a vital part of maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. Properly maintained tires improve gas mileage, safety and handling. It’s important to make sure they’re neither over- or under-inflated, as tire pressure can fluctuate with the changing seasons. Here’s a list of things every driver should do for basic tire maintenance: Perform […]