Car Washing Tips & Tricks

With summer right around the corner, you’ll probably want your ride looking its best. Yes, you can take the easy way out and go to a carwash—or, you can save your gas, money, and potential scratches by detailing your car yourself. Take into consideration our car detailing tips & tricks and you’ll be on your way to a clean car in no time.

Park in the shade

The first step to properly detailing your car is to park it in a shaded area. You’ll also want your car to be cooled down to avoid risking any product sticking or drying to your car before you get a chance to rinse it off. Once you park the car and have it cooled down, start the washing process.

Wheels & Tires

The washing process should always start with wheels and tires. This is because they typically tend to be the dirtiest and you won’t want the dirty soap and water splashing up onto the already cleaned paint. This next tip is SO important. Use separate cleaning tools to wash your wheels and tires, do not use the sponge, mitt or brush that you use to clean the paint on your car. Also, clean and rinse one wheel at a time, to avoid the soap from drying up on the others

Washing the Paint

It’s time to move to the paint. Start the wash off with a rinse to wash away as much dirt as possible on the surface of the paint. Next, have two buckets ready. One filled with the soapy water and one filled with water to rinse of your brush/ mitt. When scrubbing the paint, start at the top (roof) and work your way down. Between each section of the car, rinse your mitt and dunk it in the bucket to reload on fresh, clean soap.

Finishing Touches

Lastly, don’t forget to dry the car with a drying towel. It may be a good idea to do this in two steps. The first step would be to absorb as much water as you can with the first towel and use the second to do a once-over to leave the paint surface looking shiny. This final step also includes any extras like waxing the car, doing a quick headlight restoration and applying tire shine.

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