Car Accessories with Personality

There are many types of car accessories available in stores and online. Some add more personality to your car than others, though! Here are our picks for accessories that give your car that little something special.


The Hula Girl (above):

The Hula Girl on the dashboard started to become a popular Hawaiian souvenir after World War II when soldiers and visiting tourists started bringing them back. The first group to adopt the fad were surfers and beach-goers, particularly in California. Today, it symbolizes the relaxation and chill of being on Island Time. Just make sure to check your local laws to make sure they are allowed!




Stickers are a quick and easy way to give your car some personality. Whether you are rocking a Flower Child Van from the 60s or a mini-van, stickers can show support (ribbons), family (stick figure families), disdain (politics), and more. You don’t even have to commit to stickers anymore – many designs are available in non-permanent magnets!


Car eyelashes


Is your car fun, feminine, and flirty? Then car eyelashes may be for you! You’ll turn heads no matter where you go. They come in all different colors like black, chrome, pink, and some even glow in the dark.


Holiday Decorations


Show your holiday spirit by decorating your car! Some people go with the antlers and Rudolph nose look, others only show one antler for Max, the Grinch’s dog. If you have a larger grill area, you can carefully attach decorations like wreaths, traditional decorations, and stuffed animals.  Make sure that things are very securely attached, though – you don’t want it to fly off while you are on the freeway at 60 mph!



Military Jeep in Parade

Show your patriotism by displaying a flag on your car or truck. They can be small and in the front (see below for an example), or larger and in the back. Some companies also make car flags that hang from the windows of the vehicle. Check your local laws and ordinances to make sure they are allowed.



We would argue that mud on your car is an accessory. It tells people that you are not afraid to go off the beaten path and make your own roads.

Very Dirty Car

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Others Car Accessories with personality include:

Antenna balls

Custom gear shift knobs

Tow hitch covers

Under car lighting

Band-Aids for dings and dents.

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