Are Remote Car Starters Worth It?

As winter is upon us, we had to ask the question, are remote car starters worth it? Now, if you have a car that is less than three years old, chances are your car may have been built with a remote start. For those whose car is a bit older, you always have the option to have a remote starter installed. What are the benefits to a remote car starter, is it worth it? Let’s find out!


It seems safe to say that everybody enjoys getting into a warm, pre-heated car on those cold, snowy mornings to get to work. So yes, a remote car starter is quite convenient, and we could say the same during the hot summer when the remote starter allows your car interior to cool down. The convenience of being able to start your car from inside your home 10 to 15 minutes before you have to leave is great and saves you from sitting in an overly cold, or hot car before being on your way. Specifically, in the winter, not only does the remote starter allow the inside of your car to warm up, but it will allow your windshield to start defrosting the snow and ice, making for a safer commute due to much more visibility. Just remember to set your fan speed and temperature settings the night before so when you remote start it in the morning, it is on the correct settings.

The Engine

Cold temperatures can affect the way your car’s engine operates. Allowing your car’s engine to warm up in cold weather will make things easier on the engine because the oil has time to warm up. When oil is cold, it becomes thicker and makes it more difficult to pass through the engine. Though this sounds great, some argue that having a car idle could do more damage than good, but that is up for debate.


Worried about safety? No one will be able to get into your car and drive away. You can keep the doors locked as your car warms up and often, there is an extra step needed that involves your car key or fob to actually get the car in drive mode. Lastly, especially in the winter, you won’t want to be driving anywhere without making sure your headlights are clean and de-fogged. Thanks to Wipe New Headlight Restore, you’ll have sparkly clean headlights in seconds, making sure the road ahead is clear and visible.

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