Apps You Need Before a Road Trip

You might not think that cell phone apps and driving go together for obvious safety reasons, but some can actually improve your driving experience. When you’re embarking on an adventure to places you’ve never been, taking advantage of technology while you’re on the road can greatly improve the trip. It’s important that none of these apps distract you while driving, so have a passenger use the app so you can focus on the road. Here’s a collection of apps for everyone from car enthusiasts to the average Joe.

1. Roadtrippers

This app is the one-stop-shop for finding hotels, brunch locations, and campgrounds. The app even estimates the amount of money you’d spend on gas during your trip. If you want to pass by scenic points along the way or save a favorite spot, this can all be done within the app. You can plan out your whole road trip and save it for later. To use this app safely, have a passenger take the reins so you don’t get distracted by all of its cool features.

2. Google Maps

When Google Maps bought the Waze app, the usability improved substantially. To use this app safely in the car, enter your destination while parked and let Google lead the way. The app is constantly searching for quicker routes that you can safely accept or decline if you have your phone mounted on the dashboard. Google maps shows you traffic slowdowns and warns you if your destination could be closed before the time you arrive.

3. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a comprehensive gas station finding app with the largest database of gas stations out there. Since it’s the most commonly used, data is updated by users themselves so that the information is most up to date. It’ll help you get the best price in the area, and it’s great for road trips so you can plan out when to stop for gas. This app even helps diesel drivers out, but not electric just yet.

4. RepairPal

When you get used to your local mechanic, trusting a stranger to give you a fair price on a part you’ve never heard of can be nerve-racking. In the unfortunate event that you should encounter car trouble on your road trip, you can use this app to make sure the mechanic is giving you a fair price on the work that needs to be done.

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