Air Conditioning in Winter – Blast it! (We’re Not Kidding)

Winter Air Conditioner in Cars

As winter approaches, we prep our cars as we should. Anti-freeze top-up – check. Snow tires – check. Oil change to thinner oil for winter engine care – check. One car accessory which can be neglected is the air conditioning system. Usually, when the temperature drops, we just don’t use the air conditioner. But the truth is: this could actually produce negative results. Some of the damage neglecting your air conditioner produces are dryness and easily-cracked hoses, grommets, and seals.

A very simple solution to this is easy. Just run your air conditioner! Turning it on will drive oil and refrigerant through your air conditioning system, which will keep all components lubricated and protected, and the refrigerant will not leak through these weak spots.

Another reason for using your air conditioner in winter is that it’s very good for getting rid of the fog which accumulates when the windows are closed. This includes the windshield.

We’re not advocating that you drive around all winter with the air running, but the occasional blast will keep your A/C well maintained and your refrigerant in the tank.

Stay safe out there, and keep that car running great.

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