5 DIY Car Detailing Tips

Detailing your car is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance. Not only does it help keep the environment inside the car clean, but it can also improve air quality and makes the car feel like new with just a couple of hours of clean up. To help get started detailing your car, here are 7 DIY car detailing tips.

1. Start with Glass

Clear, spotless glass can give you a whole new view of the road. Use an auto glass cleaner for the best streak free shine. For added longevity, treat the exterior of the window with RainBrella to repel rain mud and dirt.

2. Brush the Carpet

To get all the dirt and grime out of the interior, begin by first brushing the carpet to dislodge any debris. If you have a pet that likes to go on car rides, try removing pet hair with a rubber glove. After you’ve done all this, vacuum every nook and cranny.

3. Clear Vents

Using compressed air, the vents can be cleaned out so that dust particles aren’t continuously being recycled in the air. Cleaning the air vents may also improve the car’s smell so you don’t need to mask it with a dangling mirror hair freshener!

4. Use Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber dusting cloths are the best way to remove dust from the dashboard and other surfaces in the car. They trap and remove dust particles for a lasting clean that doesn’t just get spread around in the cabin, only to resettle in the same spots.

5. Renew Plastic Trim

The finishing touch on any car detail is to rejuvenate the interior with a shine that’ll last years. Wipe New’s Trim Restorer instantly removes years of sun exposure and fading to return your interior to its former glory. Wipe New is safe on plastic, chrome, vinyl, leather, acrylic, ceramic and metallic surfaces.
Car detailing can give your machine an entirely new lease on life! Read real Wipe New reviews to see why Wipe New is the world’s strongest solution for restoring and protecting weathered surfaces.

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