10 Awesome Tips for Selling Your Car

Selling Your Used Car

It’s time to say goodbye to an old friend. You’ve spent a lot of time with this friend, but something happened along the way and it’s just not working anymore. Maybe the relationship went sour with the last huge mechanic bill, or maybe your roving eye has set your sights on a shinier, newer, glossier model. You tell them that “it’s me… not you.”

Regardless, it’s time to cut the cord and say sayonara … aloha… Buenos noches… and see how much tiyou can get out of selling your faithful car.

Here are the top ten tips for selling your car:

  1. Determine the selling price by checking the Blue Book.
  2. Be honest with yourself about the condition of the car, especially if it’s been in any accidents that may have caused structural damage.
  3. Take it to a mechanic to make sure the car is in sound working order. Many states have laws prohibiting you from selling your car “as is”.
  4. Gather the vehicle history; make sure that you have any documentation that the new owner needs to move forward on any scheduled maintenance, registration, etc. Have it in a folder, ready to go.
  5. Detail your car thoroughly using Wipe New! Use Wipe New on the trim, exterior plastics, headlights, wheels, and tires. Restore these surfaces to new and protect them from roadway chemicals too! Wipe New products are the World’s strongest solutions for restoring and protecting weathered surfaces. Results last for years following just one easy-to-do application.
  6. Check the upholstery for rips and tears and fix any of the egregious stuff, and if you can’t, then be honest about it when you write the description.
  7. Take pictures of your car looking as pristine as possible. If your photography skills leave a bit to be desired, ask someone you know for help. If you have time, make a video of the car (it doesn’t have to be Oscar worthy) and post it on a video-sharing site such as YouTube.
  8. Write your ad, making it as appealing as possible. Adjectives are your friend.
  9. Post the ad, and be specific about when you are available to show the car. Don’t play hard to get; it takes time to sell a car, and you need to make time to do so.
  10. Be flexible in negotiating a price, but don’t sell yourself short. If the car is in good shape, you’ll get a fair price. Don’t be desperate – you’ll find a buyer!

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